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Representing over $50 million in plaintiffs’ judgments on appeal without defeat.

When it comes to protecting plaintiffs’ verdicts, this means not just marshaling the law that justifies the plaintiff’s victory but also analyzing that law under the applicable standard of review.  This means summarizing the record in detail so that the most powerful pieces of evidence can be woven together into a compelling story that resonates immediately with the Court of Appeal, who was not there to see and hear what the jury saw and heard.

And when it comes to reversing plaintiffs’ losses, this means putting a special emphasis on the standard of review and undisputed facts, especially any defense admissions.  Also, not every adverse judgment is appropriate for appeal.  An honest assessment of the time, resources, and risk involved in appealing an adverse judgment may well prompt a thoughtful decision not to proceed, or to handle it in-house with an appellate consultant.

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Valerie T. McGinty

Meet Our Founder

Valerie T. McGinty represents plaintiffs on appeal with a focus on affirming plaintiffs’ verdicts and overturning summary judgments. Valerie has been recognized for her legal work and her organizational service. She represented Consumer Attorneys of California (“CAOC”) and California Employment Lawyers (“CELA”) as amici parties in the favorable California Supreme Court decision Sonic-Calabasas v. Moreno, (2013) 57 Cal.4th 1109.

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